How to Get Around Anywhere Without Using A GPS

How to Get Around Anywhere Without Using A GPS

Range Govindan
Oct 12, 2010

GPS devices and iPhones with map apps have definitely allowed many to find their way when they were lost. But what could you do if you don't have those devices? How can you navigate, easily and cheaply, without worrying too much about where you are and how to get there? Read on to find out more.

There are quite a few low tech solutions to this. Before Google Maps was all the rage, there were some dedicated software programs that could help you navigate almost anywhere. Microsoft Street & Trips comes to mind. The newest version of this software comes with a GPS to allow you to navigate even easier.

But for other options, you could easily use Google Maps or Mapquest to find where you need to go. Then, you could print out a portion of this map and take it with you. This is an easy way to do this. I've been using this simple way of navigating and finding where I'm going for a while, and it even works pretty well in foreign countries in Asia and Europe.

It all depends on how well you can navigate by yourself. Some people have real problems, while others just need a few basics and they are ready to go. Naturally, I've gotten lost using this manner from time to time, but usually, I always found my way.

Sometimes, your GPS can even fail to have the right maps. For this reason, Google Maps in an easy fallback. You can also take the time to ask people at gas stations and truck stops where to go. I've been to some regions that weren't on any map, at the time, and I needed local knowledge to find out where I had to go. People tend to be very helpful. It's another matter if you're in a foreign country.

Ultimately, if you have a smart phone, then Google Maps is a nice thing to have since it can show your present location and how to get where you need to go. If that doesn't work, then you can always print out a partial map on your laptop.

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