The 10 Commandments of a Luxe-Looking Bathroom

published Jul 4, 2019
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Credit: Max Maloney

Whether you’re getting ready in the morning or unwinding with an evening bath, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom every day. And just like any place where you clock a lot hours, it deserves some serious design love, too.

Luckily, with a little effort, there are plenty of relatively easy ways to ensure your bathroom always looks nice and luxe. Here are ten principles that will make your bathroom feel more like a day spa, if practiced.

Thou Shalt Invest in Quality Bath Towels

Why dry off in old, mismatched towels when you can upgrade your entire bathroom with one luxe set? Invest in a sleek set of Turkish or high-quality terry cloth towels or two each of the essentials—hand cloths, washcloths, and bath towels—and your bathroom will always look on point.

Thou Shalt Keep Sink Zones Uncluttered

An untidy sink area can make even the most stylish of bathrooms look unkempt. Keep your cosmetics organized and your sink zone clutter-free to ensure your bathroom looks neat and tidy.

Honor Thy Bathmat

Nothing makes a bathroom look messier than a dirty bath mat. Whether you throw it in the wash once a week or vacuum it regularly, a clean bathmat can upgrade the entire ambience of your bathroom in no time.

Remember to Clean Thy Shower Curtain

If you thought the only thing you had to clean in your shower was your tub and grout, then it’s time to think again. Replace your plastic shower curtains and liners as soon as any slimy pink gunk appears and throw your cloth curtains in the wash at least once a month to keep them fresh and bacteria-free.

Thou Shalt Utilize Wall Space

Your bathroom walls are ripe with design potential. Whether you hang up artwork or mount a floating storage solution, an efficiently designed bathroom that maximizes wall space is always in style.  

Consider Thy Fixtures

A few good-looking fixtures can go a long way in elevating the ambience of your bathroom. Swap out unsightly old towel racks and storage hooks for contemporary ones for a quick bathroom revamp and maybe save up for some fancier (and pricier) faucet and shower fixtures for the future.

Thou Shalt Possess an Attractive Wastebasket

Forget that its job is to corral trash, your bathroom wastebasket doesn’t have to look like garbage. Whether it’s a clean-lined bamboo trash bin or a gold-finished stainless steel style, invest in a cute wastebasket that you won’t mind storing in plain sight.

Thou Shalt Streamline the Space

Nothing looks more sophisticated than a streamlined bathroom. Small but affordable tech-savvy bathroom upgrades such as touch-activated soap dispensers and bluetooth shower speakers instantly make a bathroom look more luxe.

Thou Shalt Employ Aromatherapy

Never underestimate the power of aromatherapy in a bathroom. Whether you place a few perfumed candles on the back of your toilet or spritz some fragranced room spray, a pleasant-smelling bathroom makes a big impact.

Honor Thy Tile Grout

Extra-clean tile grout is what separates super clean bathrooms from the rest of the pack. Do yourself (and your bathroom) a favor and order a good grout brush to keep your bathroom tile bright and luxe-looking.