How To Get Rid of "Cat Smell" from Landlord's Cats?

How To Get Rid of "Cat Smell" from Landlord's Cats?

Regina Yunghans
Dec 17, 2014
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Q: I rent my landlord's basement apartment. She has about 4 cats that she lets roam the backyard, as if it's their natural habitat. There's a deck, which is where they spend most of their time. I know this because my bedroom and kitchen windows are right beneath it and I have the pleasure of waking up to "purrs":

When I first moved in I thought the rank smell was coming from my garbage or kitchen sink so I began cleaning them frequently. After visiting a friend of a friend who owns a cat, I realized the odor was WAY too familiar. There must be some defining cat smell that lingers indoors? I've tried scented candles, Febreeze, those Glade automatic room sprays, cleaning with strong products. NOTHING WORKS!

I've never owned a cat, and since I don't have the access to clean them until they're squeaky clean, how do I block that kind of stink when it's coming from the outside?

P.S. I'm a broke college student, working full-time in Brooklyn. Suggestions to fix this problem that won't cost me an arm and a leg would be great.

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