How To Get Rid of High Heating 3 Easy Steps

How To Get Rid of High Heating 3 Easy Steps

Janel Laban
Feb 5, 2010

Are you feeling the pinch of wintertime heating bills? Even though we spread out the pain across the whole year (we do the budgeting program) just seeing the charges that we are incurring each month is tough. We just ran across some ultra simple and sensible tips on how to (hopefully!) reduce the amount of heating bills... a site called (appropriately enough) How to Get Rid of Things.

Here are three of their tips that are easy to do right away:

1) PLASTIC SHEETING My grade school used to reduce heating bills by taping transparent plastic sheets across each and every window. Storm windows are great for keeping heat in, but windows and window frames in old houses eventually loosen and allow drafts of cold air in. Get rid of cold air drafts by going to your local Home "Despot" and ask a person there where you can find plastic sheets suitable for insulating windows. Renters use tape. Homeowners use staples.

2) WEATHER STRIPPING Doors are your next focus if you're going to reduce heating bills. We've all suffered because of drafts coming in through doors that are not properly sealed. Renters can help get rid of high heating bills by going to the store, buying some foam rubber tubes (otherwise known as weather stripping), and then lining those parts of the doorframe where the door doesn't meet the frame. Weather stripping can also be applied to drafty window frames.

3) LOWER THE THERMOSTAT If you are serious about reducing heating bills, you're going to stop turning your thermostat to 80 degrees. Yes, it is nice to live like a Jamaican in the winter, but there are higher energy losses at greater temperatures, which multiply almost geometrically for each degree of heat over 65-70 degrees. Keep your heating bill low by keeping your thermostat at a casual 65 degrees and wear more sweaters.

Check out the rest of the article right here and share your own tips with us in the comments below...

Via: How to Get Rid of Things
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