How To: Flex your Space

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Long ago we worked in an office where everything was on wheels. Not just the task chairs, but the file cabinets, desks, coffee tables, even the chairs in the reception area. With a mere push, everything could be sailed across the floors.

The goal was a mobile, flexible workplace, and the wheels did the trick: we were able to literally regroup ourselves into whatever team arrangements were needed based on changing assignments. The aesthetic was nursery school chic, with colorful, oversized casters lending the office an energetic, playful vibe.

Casters are a smart addition to the furniture in small homes, too, as they make room layouts flexible. We’ve mounted tables, work surfaces, and storage units on wheels (the locking kind only, for safety’s sake) in almost every room. This makes it easy to rearrange the furniture to suit the function you need in the moment.

For instance: turn the dining area into a workspace by wheeling a file cabinet up to the table. Open up the center of the living room for a party by wheeling the coffee table aside. Or pivot a media cart into view so that you can watch TV and dial it out of view again when you’d rather just talk or read.

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Edited from a post that originally appeared 5.12.06