How To…Get White Just Right

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While we talk alot about colour here at AT, we like neutral spaces as well. What we don’t like is a boring space. While most people think an all white space is boring, we disagree. But there are some tricks to getting white right…

  • All whites are not created equal. A warm white, as seen in the opening image, with a touch of yellow or pink, is open and inviting. White with a touch of blue in it is cooler, a great choice for a bedroom in our desert climate.
  • White expands. Make a small space feel instantly bigger, brighter and airier with a fresh coat of white paint. See how the light bounces around.
  • White is flexible. With an otherwise all white backdrop, changing your space with the seasons can be as simple as bringing in a bowl of lemons and a few big bunches of daisies. If you love knick knacks, white can be the perfect foil for displaying an ever changing parade of collections.
  • Keep it clean. With an all white interior, the trade-off for flexibility and simplicity is daily cleaning.

[image from Living, etc.]