How To Handle Houseguest's Untrained Puppy (That She Claims is Trained)?

How To Handle Houseguest's Untrained Puppy (That She Claims is Trained)?

Tess Wilson
Nov 5, 2015
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Q: I recently moved into a new home which happens to be closer to my best friend. At the same time, she got a puppy and has visited me about a weekend a month (but it seems like it will be more frequent). My household is very dog-friendly, as we have two active dogs, and all my friends bring their dogs when they visit. However, my friend has claimed that her puppy is housebroken but this is simply not true. Over this past weekend, her puppy has had about half a dozen accidents in the house (that I know of) and a couple in another friend's house where we went for dinner. She claims that her puppy does not have accidents at her apartment...

My friend does not go anywhere without her puppy and cannot leave her in the car (unless it's her car). This leaves us with little option but to stay home during her visits. My friend does not want to put her in a crate even though we have many at my house.

In addition to the accidents, the puppy chews on my children's toys. Her most recent visit included destroying one of the tiaras of which my daughters have matching ones, and the wooden doll furniture that goes with the matching wooden doll house, leaving it with splinters and bite marks. Past visits have included the puppy chewing on (but not ruining) the expensive Sophie the giraffe teether.

I can be patient with a young puppy still being trained, but my friend is not training her and claims that she is housebroken when clearly she is not. The most bothersome part is that my friend doesn't even appear to keep an eye on her puppy during her visits. I have tried clicker training her dog for about 15 minutes to which it has responded well, but I have 2 young children and my husband is working 2 jobs and we have 2 dogs of our own and a new house to care for, so we don't have time to train it during her weekend visits. I have offered to keep the dog for 1-2 weeks to train it but I think my friend thought I was joking.

My friend just brushes each incident off with "oh silly puppy" and has not apologized for any of it, which I find inconsiderate. I would be so embarrassed if my dogs peed in anyone's bed (which her puppy did in my new bed, my husband and I were so exhausted we just slept in it) and offer to replace the mattress, have it professionally cleaned, or at least help change the sheets. Her puppy does things in my house that my dogs are not allowed to do (chew on children's toys, jump on the couch/dining chairs/dining table). The puppy is smart and has the ability to learn, despite its owner.

It's enough of an issue that it's starting to get in the way of our friendship. I don't look forward to her visits and resent that I have to discover her puppy's accidents all over the house, and explain to my 3-year-old why her toys have been chewed on or destroyed. Sent by Puppy Frustration

Editor: Wow. That is... shocking. I'm going to assume your best friend is chock full of lovely, lovable qualities that have earned her the title of best friend and that you'd like to remain friends with her. Keeping all that in mind, readers, what on earth can Puppy Frustration do in the face of such cluelessness, disregard, and destruction? Please help!

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