How to Handle Pushy Friend Who Is Going to Be My Tenant?

How to Handle Pushy Friend Who Is Going to Be My Tenant?

Tess Wilson
Sep 18, 2015

Q: I purchased a home with a friend of mine (we hate the idea of paying rent) and we are renting a room out to a third friend who we shall call "Sally." Sally became very pushy in the recent months (rushing us to find a home, etc) and now that we have a home, she's having a hard time letting us make decisions regarding our home...

For example, we have asked her to move in September 1st but since it is a work day we have said that the weekend prior would be great. Instead of simply agreeing she is demanding to know why she can't move in sooner as our closing date is two weeks prior. We explained that the home needs cleaning and preparing and won't be available until then. In response, she has called my co-owner at work to tell her that I have 'restricted her move-in date to the 1st.'

What I am wondering is, how do you navigate renting to a friend who is pushy or unwilling to listen? My other major concern is that she seems to be trying to play us against each other which I am not interested in. I would love to hear any tips or ideas you have! -Sent by Jocelyn

Editor: Eek, what a tricky situation! Readers, how should Jocelyn and her co-owner handle their friend/renter/"friend"? How can they best handle disputes (design, payment, noise, chores, who-gets-which-drawer, etc) as they arise in the future? And what should they get in writing? I'm guessing you're going to say "EVERYTHING."

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