How To Hang 10 Shirts In 10 Seconds

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We’ve spent more years than we care to admit working in the retail world and because of it, we’ve picked up a few time-saving tips when it comes to hanging your clothes. One of the best is learning how to hang 10 shirts in 10 seconds flat. Ready? See how after the jump!

What You Need

10 T-Shirts
10 Hangers
1 Arm


1. Assemble Materials: Gather 10 t-shirts and 10 hangers. Set the hangers in front of you (not in a jumbled, tangled mess) and take a deep breath (like Karate Kid). Button ups will work as well, but they must be buttoned before beginning.

2. Layer Them Up: Place your arm inside the bottom of the first t-shirt and exit your hand through the neck hole. No it won’t seem natural, but yes, you’re doing it right. Continue to layer all shirts on your arm in this manner. It’ll be a full house, but don’t worry, they’ll all fit.

3. Start Hanging: With the arm not inside the shirts, grab a hanger from the pile. Angle it through the neckhole, and into the shoulders — while at the same time pulling the hook of the hanger taught and away from the shirt and thus, pulling the hanger up and off your arm.

4. How Fast Can You Go?: In this method, you can hang 10 shirts in 10 seconds, though many a friend and fellow employee has been known to hang shirts even faster than that. You can hang as many shirts as your arm can hold and it’s a great way to remove shirts from the laundry. Simply load them up and head straight to the closet, no more baskets of laundry on the floor! It takes a few rounds to get the hang of it, but once you learn, it’s a snap! This method works for all sizes of clothes as long as the hangers match the size clothes your hanging (toddler clothes with toddler hangers).

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