How To: Hang a CyclocBoston

How To: Hang a CyclocBoston

Maxwell Ryan
May 29, 2008

As national bike month comes to a close and more of us are out on the streets - braving the potholes, endless construction and Boston drivers - we need a place to rest our bikes when we return home. The Cycloc has been discussed here on AT for its aesthetic qualities, function and price point but how do you actually hang the thing on the wall?...


Hardware is not included with the Cycloc because different walls require different pieces but it does come with pictures. We installed it into drywall and used toggle spring bolts. Take the template with you to the hardware store and match the hardware directly to the picture. Also, make sure you have some decent screws in case you're lucky enough to hit a stud.


In order for the bike to hang on the wall where you want, you'll need to find the right balance point. Hold the Cycloc on the bike and pick them up, moving the Cycloc until it holds the bike with the right balance (you will know). Now choose a height to hang it. Higher may seem better but you want quick and easy access to the bike so make sure it's a comfortable height from standing flat on the floor.

Now tape the template to your desired wall spot and begin to drill holes. We started with a small bit to test the holes and see if we hit a stud. Holes that only hit drywall need a spring bolt. You have to make the holes in the wall big enough to push the bolt through (about 3/8") and then tighten the wings against the back of the wall. This caused us a little anxiety knowing that we would need to repair the holes before leaving the rental apartment but, in the end, it was well worth it.

It's now as simple as tightening the bolts and test-hanging the bike while adjusting the rotation. After a final tightening, insert the cap over the bolts. We spent a few nights wondering if we were going to wake up to a mess on the floor and a gaping hole in the drywall but it held up perfectly. You can use the spring bolts anytime you want to hang something very heavy from a wall without any blocking behind it.

Tips Before Buying

A bike with handlebars up to approximately 50cm wide (19.5") will sit straight on the wall. Sloped mountain bike frames will also work nicely but it looks like Cycloc is still developing a system that will work with Dutch style step-though frames.

Happy Cycling

–Wes & Kayla for AT Boston

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