How To Hang a Poster Like a Grownup

Jason and J.R.’s Well-Connected Home Many people associate posters with bachelor pads, dorm rooms, or childhood bedrooms. But posters can also be collectible, artistic, or meaningful additions to a space. Here are a few thoughts on hanging a poster in your home as a grownup:
  • Frame it. That is, treat it with the level of care you wish for it to project in your home. That might mean framing it behind glass. If you determine it would look best unframed, mount it to a backing so that it is stiff when put up on the wall (as long as it’s not a collectible – you don’t want to ruin it with mounting adhesive!).
  • Give it space. As in a gallery of original artwork, a poster generally needs its own visual space in which to be appreciated.
  • Group it. Alternatively to the second thought above, you could also group a poster with other artwork. Putting it up alongside original works gives it a visual value on par with works that are one-of-a-kind. For help on hanging art in groups, see here.
  • Hang it carefully. Make sure to hang the poster even and square. Even if it was a $5 find, give it a home with consideration – don’t just slap it up on the wall. Also, consider Maxwell’s 57″ on center tip for viewability.

Shown throughout this post are Apartment Therapy House Tours that are also examples of hanging posters successfully. Do you have tips to add? Please throw in a comment below!

Images: as linked above