How to Hang Curtains on Corner Windows, According to a TikTok Expert

published Jan 25, 2024
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Hanging curtains shouldn’t be a tough job — and yet, sometimes it can feel like the worst task in the world, especially if your windows are shaped differently or placed in odd areas. Beyond just curtain length, width, and height, curtain placement can make a room look cramped or airy, depending on how you go about it. One of the most common issues when it comes to curtains is dealing with corner windows. 

As TikTok user Kiva Brent (@kivabrent) points out, you might end up giving up on curtains because they just don’t look that great on corner windows, which run flush with the wall next to them. Hung traditionally, with one curtain on either side, they can make a room look cramped when they’re open, giving the impression that the space is smaller than it is. Luckily, she has a great solution!

Instead of hanging a curtain on either side, Kiva suggests hanging the rod on one side instead of two, creating more space and allowing more light into the room. While this might not be traditional, it works — and who wants to stick to the rulebook anyway? 

She also suggests trying hanging the curtains directly from the ceiling instead of right above the window, which can eliminate the problem. This also works if you have decorative molding around your windows or oddly spaced windows as shown in the video. If choosing to hang from the ceiling, you might want to opt for a longer curtain to make the room look bigger as well — height definitely matters here, and you don’t want your curtain to cut off oddly at the end. 

No matter what method you choose, your room is sure to look brighter and airier. Don’t forget to check out the other ways curtain rods can change your life.