How to Hang Holiday Greenery in 6 Quick, Foolproof Steps

published Dec 1, 2020
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Wreath and evergreen swag hanging above fireplace

‘Tis the season for decking the halls with beautiful, natural boughs of holly, or maybe (if you’re like me) gorgeous faux white berry cypress. Whatever you decide to decorate your home with this year, be sure to choose the right tools for the job so it stays up and keeps your spirits bright.

Greenery can be hung almost anywhere, indoors and out. When hanging outdoors, always attach your greenery with floral wire to be sure it won’t be blown away by the wind. Hang with nails when possible, or reach for heavy-duty Command strips designed for outdoor use.

Hanging greenery is really a simple process with only a few important steps. Here’s how to do it right.

1. Measure your space and purchase your greenery

For standard doors or mantles, 5 feet to 7 feet worth of greenery is recommended.

If you’re draping greenery over an archway or set of double doors and want it to reach down to the floor on each side, measure the height of your doorway, double it, and add those dimensions to the width measurement. For a really loose drape, add a few more feet to those measurements.

Remember: it’s always a good idea to buy at least one strand of greenery more than you think you’ll need. If you end up having more than enough, you can always use the extra to fill in gaps, or around the house in other areas for an unexpected touch of holiday cheer.

2. Clean surfaces where you’ll be hanging

Hanging greenery can be a messy job—whether you’re using fresh or faux, you’ll always end up vacuuming after all is said and done. But it’s also very important to clean before you start to hang anything, especially if you’re using adhesive wall strips. Give the area you’ll be hanging your greenery around a good dusting, then wipe with an all-purpose spray to be sure it’s sparkling.

3. Fluff your greenery

Straight out of the box, your garland will likely be bent and matted down. Carefully lay it out (spine side down) and smooth out any bends. Once the garland has been straightened, start at one end and fluff up the tips, separate, and face them all in the same direction. If you plan to add lights to your garland, this is a great point to do so.

4. Install hooks

When hanging greenery over a door, place hooks at each corner, then at any part in the middle of the door where you want the greenery to drape. If using very heavy or natural greenery, these jumbo hooks hold 7.5 pounds each, and will more than do the job.

For lightweight greenery, these medium size utility hooks that hold around 3 pounds each will work perfectly. Be sure to follow the hanging directions according to the package, cleaning the portion behind the adhesive hook with alcohol to ensure correct installation.

You can also use nails, if you’re not concerned with making holes. Follow the same steps to ensure proper placement.

5. Hang the garland

Start by hanging the garland in one corner of the door frame or mantle, allowing the desired amount of garland to flow down towards the floor. Fasten in place by tucking the wire spine behind the utility hook.

If you find that the garland is too thick to tuck behind the hook, wrap floral wire around the garland, make a loop, and hang the wire loop from the utility hook. Be sure to tuck the wire up as close as possible so the hook won’t show.

Once the garland is attached to the corner of the door or mantle, pick up the excess and drape it across towards the other corner, stopping in the exact middle to place another hook and secure the garland. Move on to the next corner, allowing the same length of garland to drape, then let the excess hang down the other side.

If you’re hanging greenery around a door, secure the greenery at the sides and at the very bottom to keep it from swinging when the door opens and closes.

6. Step back, then add some style

Once everything is securely in place, step back, take a photo, and admire your work. Photos are great because you’ll be able to see any holes that need filled in.

Once you fill in the holes, fluff up sections of greenery that might look matted down. Pay special attention to the corners where the greenery is attached to the hooks. Add filler from your extra garland, ribbons, and then walk away. Come back the next day and give it a fresh look and make any additional adjustments.