How to Have a Mini Tech Vacation this Weekend

How to Have a Mini Tech Vacation this Weekend

Range Govindan
Jan 28, 2011

While it's true that some of us work less than others, most of us are quite busy, which is why once the weekend comes around, it's time to relax and have a bit of fun, because starting Monday, the daily grind starts once again. Here are a few ways of having a mini tech vacation this week and enjoying some time off.

Since a lot of work is tied to being online and the Internet, we've found that taking a break from it can be a stress relief. While completely staying off the Internet might not always an option, not surfing or checking up work emails is.

1. Checking email once in the morning and once in the evening The weekends are supposed to be family time and for relaxing. If you're spending hours replying to emails, then you're not really taking much time off. Consider checking your email tomorrow only twice.

2. Go online only for non-work related stuff An easy way of doing this is to simply change browsers. As an example, I use Firefox for my work related browsing during the week. Once I want to log off, I use Chrome.

3. Turn your cellphone off Constantly glancing and checking your smart phone is starting to get tedious, especially when you notice the habit in others, which will probably make you reflect on your on technology use. Turn off your cellphone for the weekend and see what happens. Most people will still be able to reach you via a landline, email, IM, Facebook, and other ways of communication.

4. Do as little social networking as possible Checking up what the Joneses are doing on Facebook can get annoying. Facebook sucks time out of your working day, and it will do the same on your day off. Logging off is the best idea to take some time off.

5. Unplugging your landline Depending on what your job and family situation is, and the way that you usually communicate with others, unplugging your landline will probably only affect a portion of the people in your life. It will stop telemarketers from waking you up on Saturday or Sunday while you're trying to take a nap or sleep in.

(images via Techvibes and A World of Change)

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