4 Ways to Carry Your Dreamy, Devil-May-Care Vacation Mindset into Your Real Life

4 Ways to Carry Your Dreamy, Devil-May-Care Vacation Mindset into Your Real Life

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 19, 2015

Never mind the mountain of unread emails, arriving back at work after a summer vacay is always a struggle. But you can make easing in a little easier by taking a few lessons from your time away to make your regular day-t0-day a little more relaxing. Try this stuff.

Give yourself enough time to wake up

Nothing is better than the vacation luxury of waking up when your body decides it's time, not when your alarm starts buzzing. But guess what? You can get that anytime you want, you just need to plan ahead. The biggest hurdle here? Getting to bed on time. We know, not the news you wanted to hear, but if you want to wake rested and with time to spare, there really aren't any shortcuts. Get the sleep you need to make waking up a lazy, relaxed experience, not a frantic rush.

Plan your meals (and sit down to eat them)

What do we think about on vacation? What to eat! The good news is that you can do this anytime. Maybe you already do. Meal planning is fun and results in even more fun — eating! — so indulge in a little food daydream during your day and get dinner sorted. Then, make reality just as good as your fantasy by sitting down and really taking the time to enjoy.

Find pleasure in little things

Vacation always seems to make you notice and delight in little pleasures all around you. Newsflash! Those things are around you all the time only you might be too busy to notice. Remember how you took time to savor your latte each morning of your vacation while happily thinking of nothing? Remember how you enjoyed a stroll in the cool, breezy evenings? Do that every day! Your coffee tastes just as good so take the time to appreciate it. You can still take a relaxing walk. Noticing these little opportunities can help you take a mini vacay anytime you want.

Take a rest

Maybe your real life doesn't accommodate a nap every time you feel that afternoon drowsy feeling, but we're guessing you could figure out a time and place in your day to schedule yourself a little rest if you really try. Even if you can't fall all the way asleep (hello office life), taking a break, closing your eyes and resting your body and mind for a bit is a great and do-able refresher. Try it.

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