How To Heat Up a Cold Room

updated Mar 11, 2020
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Brrr! Have winter temperatures outside been a little too present in the inside of your home? If you’ve got cold rooms, we’ve got the fool-proof ways to warm them up. Start from the top of this list and work your way down to see if any of these culprits have been keeping your rooms too cold to enjoy!

Keep the cold out

First, check to see if you’re doing everything to keep the cold out. Drafts from windows are the first place to look. Any exterior doors could be improved by using draft blockers, as well.

Make sure your heating system is working efficiently

It pays to take the time to give your heating system a tune up to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible, which could solve all your cold problems!

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Focus the heat

Have any rooms or spaces you don’t use as often? Close the vents in those spaces so you aren’t heating spaces you don’t need to be warm all the time. Or don’t need the whole home warm at once? Use space heaters to keep you warm wherever you are instead of spending the money heating the whole place. Clean and maintain your fireplace if you have one to use as a heating source, instead of using energy on your heating system.

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Cover cold surfaces

Sleek flooring materials might be easy to clean, but they can be particularly cold during winter months. As can some furniture materials. Guard against cold footsies and having to slide unto a cold chair by adding warm textiles over cold surfaces for both visual and physical warmth.

Dress the part

It sounds simple, but layer up on the warm sweaters and other clothes when you’re chilly so you don’t always have to spend money on energy.

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Don’t forget about ceiling fans

Flicking that switch on your ceiling fans and reversing the direction of the blades can help force the warmer air in your home down, keeping the warm air low (and at thermostat level).

Get help affording heating bills

It might be you need help affording heating bills to keep your rooms warmer this winter. Research the help that might be available in your area.

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