How To Improve Your Wireless Home Coverage

How To Improve Your Wireless Home Coverage

Anthony Nguyen
Oct 8, 2010

Consider this a follow up to our ever popular How-To on making your home completely wireless featured a couple days back. This time around, we consider potential interference points and expand on ideas on how to improve the general quality of your wireless home network.

Again, Lifehacker helps us in this realm with a few key recommendations:

  • Consider channel interference: Most routers default to channel 6, so if you try other channels you may possibly get a better signal/quality of reception. You can change channels in your router control panel (you may have to consult your manual for this).
  • Move your phone and microwave away from the router: Some wireless devices and microwaves cause potential interference. It's best to keep these devices away from each other.
  • Try an attic router: For short or one-story homes, you can get a much better signal in the attic than trying to force wireless signals through a plaster/concerete wall.
  • Try a HomePlug/Powerline adapter: If wireless doesn't get the job done, you can always resort to using your home's power lines to carry the internet signal. Simply plug the base station into an outlet and connect it to your router. Plug the adapter into your room of choice and enjoy wired access without ethernet cables running all over your house.

Got a tip to improve wireless home network signals? Let us know in the comments!

[Image: ruudgreven courtesy of CC license]

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