How To Increase Your Work Productivity at Home

How To Increase Your Work Productivity at Home

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 12, 2010

With work and home life continuing on a collision course, we'll admit we've been having some trouble focusing on all of our blogging and freelance work all on the same computer. What does Flynn from Smart Passive Income suggest? Have two separate computers dividing work and play.

According to Flynn:

"The computer in my office (an iMac) is where I did everything, including all of those personal things. It was hard for me personally to keep those things totally separate. By buying a laptop that is specifically just for personal, non-work related items, I can more easily focus on work when I'm supposed to work, and not be tempted to work when I'm doing personal stuff. Furthermore, because the laptop is portable, I can literally separate work from non-work stuff by keeping the office and the computer in it off limits during non-work hours."

It may not be the greenest solution out there, but we're not going to argue with results. Even if it's just for one man.

For myself, I've learned to carefully adapt my work flow by having different profiles set up on a single computer. Then again, I also work off a Macbook Pro and do my coding and stuff on my PC rig. So, I guess overlap is ultimate inevitable unless I enable separate profiles for work and play.

What do you guys think? Is splitting your work flow into two separate computing devices an ideal solution? Let us know in the comments!

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