How to Keep Pets Cool In The Heat

How to Keep Pets Cool In The Heat

We got our puppy during this year's crazy snowpocalypse, so figuring out how to keep him cool wasn't exactly an issue when the only type of ground he knew was snow. Now that summer's here, we're facing a dilemma new to our household — how do we keep our pets cool when it's hot?

Our dog is of the short nosed smushy face variety, which means it's harder for him to keep cool than most other dogs. He starts to really show exhaustion even during temperatures that feel comfortable to us, so we've had to be very careful to make sure he stays cool and hydrated. Here are some strategies we've used and learned about to help keep our furry friends cool:

Fresh, Cool Water: Make sure your pet has access to cool fresh water throughout the day, and especially after longs walks and play time.

Protection from the Sun: Keeping you pet in the shade not only keeps them in cooler temps, but also shades them from the sun's rays — they can get skin cancer too! Our vet even reccomended sunscreen, which is especially important if you pet is light colored and/or has any areas of exposed skin.

Cooling Dog Beds: You've probably noticed your cat or dog spending extra time on the bathroom tile or even in the tub or sink because the surface feels cool. There are actually even special beds out there specifically designed to keep pets cool — this one is a mat that can be soaked in water, and will stay soft and cool for up to three days.

Move the Air: Keep a fan on for your dog while you're gone. Many dogs love the feel of moving air, so this will be a hit with them.

Take a Dip: Whether its a swim in the lake or playing around in baby pool, dogs love taking a swim on a hot day just as much as their owners do. There are many beaches and parks designated specially for dogs to do this.

Frozen Treats: Our dog loves a peanut butter stuffed Kong, but it's even better when it's frozen — more refreshing and it lasts much longer. There are also several types of toys that can be wet, and then frozen for a chilly and chewy treat.

• Get more info at the Humane Society.

What's your best tip to keep pets cool?

(Image: Jennifer Wray)

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