How To: Keep Unwashed Clothes Fresher

published Jul 30, 2008
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Yesterday’s post on lessening laundry conjured a few hints about keeping between-load clothes looking and feeling fresher. Courtesy of Granny, a French roommate and the corner liquor store…

GET NAKED—remove clothes immediately upon returning home, slip into something more comfortable and allow it to become more pheromone-rich.

VODKA—Old costumer’s trick: Turn clothes inside out, hang, and spritz with any plain vodka or a 50/50 vodka-water solution.

AIR IT OUT—Turn clothes inside out and hang outside, in a porch, in front of window.

VINEGAR STEAM—Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to a steamer to de-odor as you de-rumple.

SHOWER—Green the old college/motel trick works by hanging before everyone in the house showers (and sleep in).

SCENTED WASHCLOTH—a damp cloth with a few drops of essential oils can freshen clothes and gently ease out wrinkles.

CLOSET AJAR—Air flow keeps clothes and closets breathing.

GAL PAL—these foam pads erase deodorant marks, and reportedly random debris, from clothes.

DIY SACHET—wrap dried lavender from a health or craft store in a vintage handkerchief, sheer scarf or muslin bag, tie with ribbon and change often.

STARCH—try it sans dry cleaner.

TIDE SWASH—test marketed to laundry-hating college students, these funk-fighters are repackaged and equally chemically versions of standard P&G shortcuts like Dryel, stain pens and Febreze. What could it do? Begin to challenge America’s wash-and-odor obsession and bring a wider social acceptance of the less-washed masses over time.