How to Keep Your Breakup Off Facebook's Newsfeed

How to Keep Your Breakup Off Facebook's Newsfeed

Taryn Williford
Jun 2, 2011

Just 3 short months after you and your honey were finally able to make your domestic partnership situation "Facebook Official" with new status rollouts, he got sick of you and sent you packing from his amazing pre-war apartment. As if the whole breakup wasn't hard enough as it is, you'll also be forced broadcast your relationship change to all of your Facebook friends. That is, unless you try this tip messing with your privacy settings.

As it stands now, any change you make to your Facebook profile's relationship status is broadcast to all your friends' news feeds. Even just going from a declaration of "Single" to nothing at all (in an effort to maintain some bit of privacy) gets shouted out as "Jennifer is no longer single."

But if you want to make a swift and quiet relationship change—either because of a breakup, privacy concerns or to not make a big deal of it—there is an option for you.

Lifehacker's etiquette guide on How to Survive the Modern Day Breakup is chock full of good 21st-century relationship advice, but we love this smart and easy tip the best:

"When you're ready to pull the trigger, set your relationship status privacy setting to "Only Me." Then, break it off, whether you want to flag yourself as single, divorced, or nothing at all. Wait a day, pop the privacy settings back where they were, and presto—your tale of woe dodges the News Feed."

Of course, this tip only works if you're the one to pull the plug on your Facebook relationship change. The cruel twists of fate always seem to dump on the dumpee. Sad face.

But if you see the breakup coming, you can try to prematurely save face by setting your privacy setting to "Specific People," like namely only your significant other. Then they'll be the only one to get the "Steve is listed as single" news feed update when the inevitable happens.

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