3 Smart Ways to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

3 Smart Ways to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

Carley Knobloch
Aug 13, 2017

When you're a parent you need all the help you can get keeping an eye on your kids. That's why I've come to rely on all of these smart home devices: They really help me keep a couple extra sets of eyes and ears on the whole family.

Smart lock systems — like this one from August — allow you to lock or unlock your door from your smartphone. Another cool feature: Doors automatically lock when you leave and unlock when you approach. Smart locks are particularly genius for parents because they allow you to assign a different virtual key to each of your kids and then get an alert whenever a certain kid goes in or out of the house. Pretty brilliant, right?

I've also come to really depend on smart smoke detectors like these from Nest to keep my home safe. They're intelligent and they're all connected, so, if the kitchen smoke detector detects smoke in the kitchen, it not only sounds the alarm but it also sends alerts to the other smoke detectors in the house about where the danger is. That way I'll know within seconds that there might be trouble downstairs even though I'm all the way upstairs in the bedroom. And, if it turns out to be just a little bit of smoke, I can turn off the alarm using my smartphone.

When I think of keeping my kids and family safe, I want to make sure smart home elements are helping them stay safe in the house and also stay safe when they go online. I'm constantly recommending the Eero router to other parents because it allows you to have a lot of control over screen time in the house. You can turn off the wireless router using an app, and you can even set curfews for each device: So, older kids can be on their devices later, and younger kids get cut off a lot earlier.

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