How To Keep Your Home Looking Clean Longer

How To Keep Your Home Looking Clean Longer

Taryn Williford
Oct 29, 2015

Whether your tackle the cleaning yourself or this is a chore you choose to outsource, we could all use a virtual snooze button for our deep clean routine. To make your time spent cleaning even more effective, take these small steps to keep your spotless home looking clean longer.

  • Get doormats for every door and use them religiously. I know you want a chic doormat that fits with your vibe, but this is not a place to sacrifice function for fashion. A tough, bristly doormat (or two–inside and out) will help keep everyone from tracking in dirt onto your clean floors.
  • Brush your pets outside every day. The best offense against pet hair is a good defense.
  • Wax air vents and ceiling fans. It'll keep dust from accumulating so quickly on these dust magnet surfaces. Get a cheap car wax and buffer kit from your local superstore and follow the instructions on the package. You could also potentially wax hard-to reach light fixtures or other details–be sure to test the wax on a small, invisible spot first.
  • Change your air filters frequently. If it seems like dust settles in soon after you clean, a full air filter is likely to blame. Try to change the filters once a month.
  • Use a rain-repellant on shower doors. Rain repellants are made for car windshields, creating an invisible barrier that causes water and oil to bead and fall off. Using them on glass in the bathroom means no grime or soap scum will show on your shower door for at least 30 days.
  • Remove your window screens. If you don't ever open your windows, then your window screens only serve to trap dirt and water near the glass. Remove them and enjoy a longer life for clean windows.

What are your best tips for stretching out time between deep cleans?

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