How to Keep Your Stereo Sounding Its Best

How to Keep Your Stereo Sounding Its Best

Vahan Baladouni
Oct 8, 2012

Ever wonder how to clean those green corroded jacks on your vintage stereo? Maybe you have a spanking new Hi-Fi system, but how do you keep it that way? Any dust or corrosion on your stereo connections could prevent your music from being reproduced acurately. Cleaning your stereo gear with special metal cleaners will ensure years of listening pleasure. Here is my method for keeping A/V connections shiny and clean.

Caig Labs produces a variety of chemicals for cleaning conductive metals and plastics; your stereo cables, jacks, and even volume knobs. A simple kit with DeoxIT cleaning solution, brushes, and applicators will ensure you are able to clean both cable connectors and stereo jacks with ease.

Only a small amount of DeoxIT needs to be applied to the RCA cleaning brush. Carefully, insert the brush into the RCA jack, making sure not to go in too far. Then, gently twist the brush inside the jack and remove. Stereo interconnects, speaker cables, and terminals can also be cleaned by using the brush or a soft lint free cloth. This once yearly maintanence will keep your stereo operating smoothly and sounding its best. If you're uneasy about attempting this at home, or need internal parts cleaned, I recommend seeing a specialzed technician.

(Images: Vahan Baladouni)

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