Hot Tip: Keep Your Summer Fruits & Veggies Fresh Longer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few months ago, we joined a local CSA for the very first time. It’s fantastic: We’re eating more vegetables and a wider variety of things than we wouldn’t normally buy at the store. The only downside to the whole experience has been when we accidentally let things go bad before we get to enjoy them (what’s more depressing than a giant wilted bunch of chard?). Luckily, we’ve found a resource that is helping us keep our fruits and veggies fresh longer …

Our CSA (Farm Fresh to You) actually has a page on their web site devoted to storage tips. When we get a box of produce, we’ve learned to check the storage tips first. We’ve been following the rules and it seems to work pretty well.

Here are some of Farm Fresh To You’s tips for a few of our favorite fruits and veggies (Get the whole list of storage tips here):

Artichokes: Keep artichokes refrigerated (32-36°F), storing in a perforated plastic bag to retain moisture.
Asparagus: Cut an inch off the bottom of asparagus spears. Submerge ends in water and refrigerate.
Corn: Keep corn refrigerated (32-36°F), storing in a perforated plastic bag.
Tomatoes: Keep tomatoes at room temperature (55-70°F). Do not refrigerate, as it will make the tomatoes mealy and flavorless.
Strawberries: Fresh berries are highly perishable. Store them in the coldest part of the refrigerator (32-36°F), loosely covered with plastic wrap. Do not wash until ready to use.

Oh, and mom says to wrap your celery in tin foil in the refrigerator … It actually works. Any other odd veggie storage tips out there?

(Image: Flickr member 2 dog farm licensed for use under Creative Commons)