How Your Living Room Can "Try On" Your Next New TV

How Your Living Room Can "Try On" Your Next New TV

Taryn Williford
Aug 11, 2011

Buying a new TV can be just like buying a pair of jeans; you want something that matches your style and fits your form. So why is it that we'll approvingly try on a pair of jeans before we buy them, but trying on a TV is still an unthinkable convention? Website TV Size Matters wants to change up the way we buy tech by letting your living room "test out" a new TV.

Wondering if a 60-inch set is too big for your space? Wish you could get a glimpse of what a new TV might look like in your room? Check out TV Size Matters.

When you upload a photo of your room, TV Size Matters shows you a simulation of what the space might look like with different-sized TVs from a sliding scale. It works by having you set the scale of the room by drawing a line on the photo—along a known object like your picture frames or sofa back—and typing in the length of that line in real life.

TV size matters will show you if the screen fits in its intended spot, but it's still up to you to pick the best screen for your space. Remember that viewing distance has a lot to do with choosing the right screen size—this post has a great chart that spells out the ideal viewing-distance to screen-size ratio.

via Lifehacker

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