How To: Transform a Wall with Paint


Title: Spare Bedroom Transformation
Name: Lindsay
Time: 8 hours
Cost: $73

Lindsay offers some helpful tips — and some pitfalls to avoid — in her humorous account of her spare bedroom transformation. Click above for the pics and head below for all the instructions. Give Lindsay a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful….



Painter’s tape

1: Take before picture

2: Trace interlocking squares all over your wall. I used a 11×14 piece of heavy card stock. I taped lines on the card stock to indicate where the squares would overlap. This step actually doesn’t take that long. Like an hour, tops. What was most frustrating was finding pencils.

3: This is the worst step. I’m not going to lie to you. Taping was the most tedious job. Budget a few hours for this. You have to tape each square individually. You have to make sure the corners of your squares are sharp (not jagged) otherwise it will look like crap when you take the tape off. You also have to make sure your lines are STRAIGHT. I would strongly recommend no more then one glass of wine during this step. Learn from my mistakes!

4: Which I did NOT do. Paint over the tape with your base color (the color of your existing wall. This will seal the tape and prevent white paint from seeping under tape which causes GREAT frustration when you remove tape only to see you’ll now need to find some way of painting straighter lines in the base color. Do NOT…as I did, believe you are saving time by not doing this step. Do NOT let your friend Wolf Blass convince you, that you are the most brilliant person alive and therefore can ignore the experts….

5: Give the wall 2-3 coats of the new color. Very easy. Especially if your new color is the same as the ceiling and trim (this means you can go hog wild with the paint roller and no one will notice)

6: Let wall dry and peel away tape. Feel initial panic over the amount of touch ups you’ll need to do because you ignored steps 3 and 4. I did NOT make sure my lines were straight, I did NOT seal the tape and I did NOT make sure there were no jaggedy bits of tape in the corners of the squares.

7: Take an hour to do touch ups so your husband doesn’t nag when he gets home.

I used Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White and Cobblestone in the Aura paint (Low VOC).

Give Lindsay a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful….