How To List an Item in the Apartment Therapy Classifieds in 5 Easy Steps

How To List an Item in the Apartment Therapy Classifieds in 5 Easy Steps

Jason Loper
Aug 6, 2012

I've been perusing our new classifieds section for months – both as part of my job and personally window shopping. I finally decided to jump in and try my hand at selling a table that's been collecting dust in my overcrowded storage space. The process is really quite easy, as you'll see in my step-by-step instructions…

Our Classifieds are now truly national – no matter where you are in the United States, you can list your items for sale. When you first sign up to use the system, you'll be asked for your address. Your listings will be based on this location. While the listing can be seen by anyone and anywhere, shoppers can also zoom into specific regions to narrow down their search. So let's get started!

1. Prep what you're selling and take nice photographs of it.

Photographs are crucial to attracting a buyer online so make 'em count. First you'll want to clean up the item you're selling. If possible, take it outside, where the lighting is best, to photograph it. In this case, I'm selling this expanding Ikea dining table that has been in the basement storage area of my building for months. I took it outside, wiped away all the dust and cobwebs and then photographed it from multiple angles.

2. Sign up or sign in to create a post.

If you're already a Krrb user, you can sign in and start creating your post. If you haven't created an account yet, it's quick and painless. Once you're signed in, click the create a post button to get started.

3. Write a title, description and price.

Keep your title simple and descriptive, include all relevant information in the description – measurements, material, etc. – and be fair in your pricing. In the example of my Ikea table, I was able to pull measurements off the Ikea website, which made it easy to fill in the item description. I was also able to refer back to the website to find that the table originally cost $229, which led me to price my used (but still in good condition) table at $100. There's a "best offer" option for pricing your item but I think it's more attractive to a buyer to see a price listed.

4. Upload your pretty pictures.

You can upload up to 6 photos for your listing. Take advantage of this and list as many good photos as you have. Close-ups and multiple views are helpful in showing every aspect of the piece you're selling. For my listing I uploaded 6 photos showing the features of the table that make it unique – the main photo shows the table closed, additional photos show the table extended and close-ups of the legs and the leaf.

5. Publish.

You can save your draft for later – if you still need to go back to the basement to take measurements – or you can hit publish and unleash your unwanted treasure on the world. After you hit publish you'll receive a confirmation email.

And that's it! I told you it was easy. Once your item is listed it will appear in the Apartment Therapy Classifieds and also on Krrb. We sort through new items daily and pull out pieces for our Daily Scavenger.

Ready to start selling? Go to the Apartment Therapy Classifieds to get started.

(Images: Jason Loper)

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