How To: Make a Classic Cootie Catcher

Cootie catchers, fortune tellers, chatterbox — no matter what you call them, this classic paper game is always fun. How else would you be able to look into the future and see which movie star you were destined to marry, or know that you smelled funny?

Introduce your kids to a cootie catcher by showing them how to make one. It’s way easier than it appears, and they’ll be able to fold one up in no time.

To make your own cootie catcher:
• Begin with a square-shaped piece of paper.
• Fold it diagonally in half and crease well. (Picture 1)
• Open it, and fold it diagonally in half again, making sure to crease it well, in the opposite direction. (Picture 2)
• Unfold your square and fold each corner towards the center of the square. (Picture 3)
• All four corners folded in should look like Picture 4.
• Flip your paper over so that the folds are not facing you. (Picture 5)
• Fold in each corner again towards the center. (Pictures 6 and 7)
• When done it should appear like Picture 8.
• Now fold your cootie catcher in half (like in picture 9) and pop it open
• Once it’s popped open, your cootie catcher will look like Picture 10.

Now you can write color names on the outside of your catcher, numbers on the inner flap and “fortunes” or silly messages all the way inside. Easy to make, easy to enjoy.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Photos: Alejandra Valera