How To: Make a Coffee Can Pendant Lamp

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s a lot of strange stuff out there that you can make lamps out of. But we were drawn to this project over at ReadyMade because of its use of tin cans. And—we’ll admit it—we have a thing for tin cans. They’re so useful and they have a certain industrial, vintage look that we really like.

Making this coffee can lamp doesn’t look too hard … but it also doesn’t look too easy. If you’re moderately handy and own a drill, it seems like you should be able to take this one on. (Or, if you don’t own a drill, maybe you could rent one?)

We’re a bit out of luck, because we don’t get our coffee from an oversized can. But we’re hoping the salvage/craft store down the road will have a few for sale.

Here are all the instructions.

Image: ReadyMade