How To: Make a Coffee Table from Reclaimed Wood

How To: Make a Coffee Table from Reclaimed Wood

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 18, 2009

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Title: Coffee Table from Reclaimed Wood
Name: Kisha Lashley
Time: 2 weekends
Cost: @ $70

This is for the furniture designers out there. Here's a total DIY that combines a really nice original design with recycling. Click above for the pics and head below for all the instructions. Give Kisha a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....



Materials: ½" Plywood from old shelves - cut to length 4 Stainless Steel Cabinet Pulls Glass Table Top 2 boxes of epoxy 8 Angle anchors Screws Wood glue 4x4 reclaimed wood Wood Stain 4 non-slip silicone discs Tools: Drill Table Saw Tape Measure (we used a miter saw since it was most convenient)


1. Cut 4 longer pieces of equal lengths to be used as the sides of the table. Cut 4 shorter pieces to about 5" to be used as the base of the table. Glue end of base to side. Reinforce with angle anchors and let dry. Repeat for three other sides and bases. Stain all pieces. Let dry.

2. Frame plywood sheet by gluing strips cut from reclaimed wood. Leave a ¼" lip on one side of plywood sheet. Let dry.

3. Screw plywood sheet onto all four bases using angle anchors. Use saw to cut 1/8" tiles from length of reclaimed wood – enough to cover plywood sheet. Glue tiles evenly spaced to plywood sheet. Let dry. Mix epoxy and pour over wood tiles. Let dry. Attach door pulls to top of sides.

4. Place non-slip silicone discs on door pulls.

5. Place glass on table The results, an attractive, modern coffee table made primarily from recycled materials!


In renovating our city rowhouse, we had to replace our uneven floors. As a result, we removed several 4x4 beams that were over a century old. It seemed like such a shame to get rid of them, so we decided instead to recycle them into a coffee table. By sheer luck, we found an old abandoned coffee table with a glass top on the sidewalk. Although we were not interested in the coffee table, the glass was exactly what we needed. We used the dimensions of the glass to guide our design.

Give Kisha a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....

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