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How to Hack a Compost Bin from a Vintage Ice Bucket

published May 21, 2015
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(Image credit: Prettyography)

Just in time for summer gardening, Brooke from Prettyography shares this great idea for transforming a common thrift store find into something awesome for everyday use in the kitchen.

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(Image credit: Prettyography)

What You Need


  • Vintage ice bucket
  • Twist-ties (2)
  • Charcoal filter
  • Washi tape


  • Drill and drill bits


(Image credit: Prettyography)

1. Prep the lid to be drilled. Remove any handle (if necessary).

2. Place washi tape around the center of the lid. This step will let you drill holes without the plastic cracking.

(Image credit: Prettyography)

3. Drill approximately 6 holes for ventilation and to attach the filter.

Tip: Use an old piece of wood underneath to ensure that you don’t damage the table (or any other surface) that you are drilling on.

4. Reattach the handle to the lid.

(Image credit: Prettyography)

5. Place the charcoal filter in the center of the lid, and secure it with two twist ties, using a few of the holes you drilled in step #3.

(Image credit: Prettyography)

6. Start composting!

See more of Brooke’s stylish smarts at: Prettyography

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