How To Make A Cute DIY Valentine

How To Make A Cute DIY Valentine

Jessica Tata
Feb 11, 2010

We love the opportunity to make crafty little things with all of the materials we pick up along the way, so what better time than Valentine's Day!?! Here are is a fun little card we made with some test tubes we picked up.

What You Need

obviously, this DIY can take on many forms, but for this particular iteration, we used:
embroidery floss
rubber stamps
test tube

self healing mat
metal ruler
needle threader


1. Type (or draw/collage/paint) a sweet message on the far right side of a piece of cardstock.

2. On the opposite side of the cardstock, about 1/8" from the edge of the paper, cut two horizontal slits about 1/2" apart. The slits should be exactly twice the width of the test tube that you'll be using.

3. At the halfway point of the slits you've just cut, fold the entire edge of the paper over. Using a ruler helps to get a clean fold. Then push the band of paper formed by the slits inward, to create a little holder for the test tube.

4. With the x-acto point, make two small holes just above this band.

5. Fold the front of your card over so that the edge of the card lies right next to the test tube holder. Make one small hole with the x-acto point at the edge of the paper near the other two holes.

6. On another sheet of paper (we chose a contrasting color) type a short sentence no longer than your test tube. Photos, pictures, clippings from magazines and the like all look pretty cute in a little test tube! Get creative!

7. Trim this piece of paper to just shy of the total length of and just wider than the opening of the test tube. Put this paper, message side out, inside of the test tube.

8. Using the needle threader, thread some embroidery floss through the two small holes you've created. Write your friend or sweetheart a cute message on the inside (our beloved is an Eames chair--for this tutorial, anyhow!) and then thread the floss through the single hole at the edge of the card.

9. Tie your floss in a little bow and, voila! You have a cute little valentine!

10. We took one of our "mistake" cards and trimmed it down, added a simple stitch with another color of embroidery thread and have another cute little handmade card. The possibilities are endless!

Additional Notes: We found our test tubes at Scrap, here in San Francisco, but if you're not having any luck, American Science and Surplus often has them.

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(Images: Jessica Blake Tata)

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