How To Make A Hinged Tabletop From Hollow Core Doors

Our last apartment didn’t allow for a dining room or kitchen table. When we moved into our new place, all we had was a small craft table. With dinner parties, bridal showers and more on the horizon, we needed a larger table solution, and fast! Here’s what we came up with. (And the best part is it’s removable and stores easily!)

What You Need

2 Hollow Core Doors
1 Piano Hinge
6 Wood Screws or Wood Glue
2 – 1×2’s
Table Base/Small Table/Pair of Saw Horses

Drill or Screwdriver


1. Lay Doors On Open Floor: This step can also be done by placing the doors on your table top, but it might require additional help to hold them steady. Lay the doors on the floor and match up the two ends, ensuring they are the same length. You can do this with them standing on end, but this will also ensure they’re the same thickness as well.

2. Attach Hinge: Lay the two doors on top of each other, so all the ends are flush. You’ll be attaching the piano hinge along one long side of the two doors. Attach the first screw at the end of the hinge, and then work your way down the line. The hinge should come with small screws in the package with it, along with 2 extras in case you drop them (which is exactly how many we lost in the process).

3. Lay Hinged Doors On Table Top: Center your doors over your existing tabletop. Leave enough room on all sides for people to sit around, making sure it won’t tip over one way or another. The doors are sturdy, but they do need to be centered over the base for safety reasons.

4. Draw A Line: Sit or lay on the floor under the table. Draw a line along the length of each door where they meet the existing table top. (Note: Not across the piano hinge, but running in the same direction)

5. Remove & Attach: Flip the doors over and to the outside of the line you drew, nail or glue down a length of 1×2. The goal is to have it run along the edge of the table, keeping the top from shifting as people sit at it. It prevents it from sliding back and forth if someone bumps it.

6. Replace Top: Put your new tabletop made from doors back on the table base. Ensure that your last step is a good fit.

7. Tablecloth or Paper: Although you can most certainly use a tablecloth to dress your table, we’ve found that brown or white butchers paper/craft paper/painters covering works wonders. It rolls out, stays for weeks and doesn’t snag on the hinge.

8. Remove When Done: When your party or big event is over, simply fold up one door on top of another. You can now store them under your bed, at the back of a closet or in the garage if you have one.

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