How To Make a Homespun Holiday Tree

I live in a small home and finding a spot for the Christmas tree usually requires stacking one or two pieces of furniture in the corner. Not this year! I made a delightful tree that doesn’t require any furniture removal. Read full instructions after the jump!

• 3-4 fallen tree branches
• 1 box of LED holiday lights
• a little creamy white yarn, trim or fabric
• a couple of bricks and a few tacks

Step 1- Gather fallen tree branches of varying lengths depending on your space.

Step 2- Anchor largest branch. My main branch is about six feet high and 1-2″ in diameter, so I used a couple of bricks at the bottom to hold branch in place and then tied yarn around the top of the branch and extended to the corner of my ceiling. If your branch is heavy, use fishing line for appropriate weight.

Step 3- Tie smaller branches to main branch with yarn.

Step 4- Hang holiday lights from the branches (I found my LED star lights at IKEA).

Step 5- Wrap branches with scraps of yarn, trim and fabric.

Step 6- Plug it in and chant, “Fa la la la la, la la la la!”

Images: Alisha Peterson-Irwin