Quick & Easy: How To Make A Mood Board-Style Headboard

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Headboards have served a lot of purposes over the course of time. They protected us from drafty winters and uninsulated walls, they served as a symbol of opulence and luxury, and most recently, they have provided storage and overall aesthetic to bedrooms everywhere. So in keeping with the theme of functional and aesthetic furniture, we’ve created the easiest and most inspirational headboard of all time and using just one simple material! It’s one part headboard, one part mood board, and we’re showing you two different ways to style it. Grab all of your favorite ephemera, and get to dreaming (both literally and figuratively).

What You Need



  • Drill
  • Drill bit to match your cup hooks
  • Painters cloth
  • Ventilation mask


  • Assorted clips and magnets
  • Clip on lamps (we used these)
  • Postcards, photos, prints, etc.

A Modern, Sophisticated Take

1. Plan your placement. Grab a friend to help you hold the gridwall over your mattress. Make sure it is centered and level over your mattress, with enough height above the mattress to allow for pillows. When you find the perfect spot, use a pencil to mark off each corner.

2. Add your hooks. Set the gridwall aside, and install cup hooks, one in each of the top corners. You’ll need to drill a pilot hole before screwing in the hooks.

(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

3. Add stability. To add extra stability, you’ll want to add a couple of extra cup hooks along the top of the grid wall. A helpful trick to make sure everything lines up is to hang the gridwall on the two existing hooks, and then mark 2-3 other equidistant points along the top. Remove the gridwall and then install the additional hooks.

4. Hang. Hang your gridwall, making sure all of the cup hooks are secured.

(Image credit: Hippo Wong)
(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

5. Decorate. Grab some magnets, s-hooks, clip on lights, and all your favorite inspiration and hang away!

(Image credit: Hippo Wong)
(Image credit: Hippo Wong)
(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

A Colorful, Fun Take

1. Spray paint. Spray paint the gridwall one side at a time. If your gridwall shows signs of rust or is dirty, make sure to sand down and clean the metal before painting. Pro-tip: Set your gridwall up on wooden blocks or bricks to prevent the grid from sticking to the painters cloth.

(Image credit: Hippo Wong)
(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

2. Seal. To prevent chipping, I suggest sealing your gridwall with a metal-friendly, anti-rust spray sealant.

3. Hang & Decorate. Hang your headboard using the steps provided above and get to decorating!

(Image credit: Hippo Wong)
(Image credit: Hippo Wong)
(Image credit: Hippo Wong)

Do you prefer modern and sophisticated, or colorful and fun?