How To...Make an Artwork Slipcase

How To...Make an Artwork Slipcase

Sep 16, 2008

Whether you own a costly Picasso or a framed crayon drawing that your child made (possibly of greater value still), you probably will need to either safely store or transport your artwork at least once in your life. Here is an example of how to quickly make a simple painting slipcase using materials that are easy to find or which you may even have already on hand....

You will need:
A sheet of cardboard large enough to fit around your painting (unopened, flat, moving boxes will work well for this purpose)
Bubble wrap
A utility knife
Packing tape

1. Lay your cardboard on a clean surface

2. Cut bubble wrap into 2 separate pieces long enough to go around the painting and fold them in half with the "bubble" side in.

3. Place piece on the cardboard and line it up with the top and bottom of your artwork so that if folded, the same amount would be on the front and back of the painting.

4. Lay your artwork facedown on top of the bubble and fold over, taping in place.

5. Center your Artwork on your cardboard piece.

6. Cut out corners so that what you are left with looks like a "plus" sign

7. Use the back of your utility knife to press an indentation all around the paining (do not cut all the way through). This will make the cardboard easier to fold.

8. Eyeball where the cardboard flaps you have created would need to fold in order to encase the paining. Use your utility knife a second time to score a line at that location.

9. Fold flaps over and tape in place

10. Use a marker to indicate both which way is up and the "face" of the painting.

In addition you may want to mark your package with some sort of label so that you don't forget what you've put inside. Otherwise, if you are making more than one slipcase, they will all look alike.

If you are planning to store your artwork for an extended period of time, you may want to consider first wrapping the painting in glassine and plastic before slipcasing. For work that might need special care because it is extremely valuable or fragile you may want to contact your local art shipper but this no-frills slipcase should suffice in most instances.

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