How To Make a Plywood Rocket

How To Make a Plywood Rocket

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 29, 2013

The U Rocket During Painting 

Rockets seem to be hot lately, so I've been diving in and fanning the flames in a homegrown way. This project was a really fun day-long project that involved mimicking a cardboard box rocket that a friend built in their living room. This one is a two story plywood rocket which you can climb up inside of... if you are a child... and then look down on the world. Enjoy!

Cutting out the pieces from 3/4" plywood

What You Need:

@3 sheets of 1/2" or 3/4" plywood (old stuff will do!)
2"x2" poles (or cut down 2x4 to make peak)
Circular Saw
Drill with screw bit
2" sheetrock screws
Wood glue
White paint
Spray paint
Painters tape

You don't need too much instruction on this, and it's good for the project to be a bit naieve and grow in an organic way, BUT if you follow the idea of making two boxes (each side exactly the same dimension) and get one box (four sides) from each sheet (bottom and top open with one brace along part of the bottom of each box).

One box has legs on it and the other has a peak and they stack on top of one another. They are not fixed to one another except for little pieces on the outside that you can take off so that moving the rocket around is easier.

If you add comments or have questions I'll happily answer them below. :)

Our original inspiration! The kids played in this for hours... 

Our inspiration... from Tin Tin... 

Drawing the windows before cutting out with the circular saw. I used the circular saw for everything and it went really quickly. 

The bottom stage is finished by lunch time. 

Painting the bottom stage white with help from our neighbor. 

Second stage is getting painted and is ready to stack on top.

The plain finished but undecorated white rocket which we trucked over to a friend's birthday party and assembled in their yard for the kids to play in... 

Decorating the top stage with her next birthday number. To "7" and beyond! The decorating actually went on for days. 

The mostly final Rocket on it's launching pad outside of my mother's house. 

The Rocket at night...

And from afar... when not being played in, it's a great sculpture too. :)

Thanks for your comments. Here's an additional pic to explain that the inside is very simple, but one piece on the bottom of each box allows for stability and for kids to climb up and stand. 

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