How To: Make a Square Boxwood Wreath with Lucite Disks

How To: Make a Square Boxwood Wreath with Lucite Disks

Lindsey Roberts
Dec 7, 2009

When stylist Katherine Hammond showed us her Christmas decorations, we had to know — how did she do the square boxwood wreath? What a cool, contemporary-shaped wreath! Hammond was kind enough to share her instructions with us.

Instructions for Square Boxwood Wreath with Lucite Disks

Things You'll Need:
• Square double rail wreath ring (Resources: Kelco Industries or Maine Wreath Co.)
• Take note when ordering the ring that your finished size will be 5 inches larger than the ring.
• Fresh boxwood greens
• A paddle of 24 gauge floral wire or a spool 20-24 gauge wire from hardware or craft shop
• Wire cutters
• Scissors
• Needle-nose pliers
• Various sizes of 1/8-inch Lucite discs cut in 1-3-inch diameters (Resource: Canal Plastics Center)
• Drill
• 1/8-inch drill bit
• Fishing line

Step 1
Cut boxwood sprigs to 6-8-inch lengths, then strip leaves from the bottom 2 inches.

Step 2
You can use either green floral wire on a paddle or a roll of 20-24 gauge wire to affix the bundles to the form. Attach the wire to a crossbar of the wreath ring.

Step 3
Gather two or three sprigs and lay them on top of the form, and wrap the wire tightly around the stems and the wreath ring three times. Leave the wire attached to the spool to make the process easier.

Step 4
Add another bundle so that its top overlaps the bottom half of the previous bundle; wrap wire around its stems. Continue adding branch bundles until you completely cover the frame. When you have gone completely around the wreath form and are where you started, lift back the first set of material you placed on wreath ring and tuck the new set underneath the very first set. If you want it to be wider continue around again. Again, set your last hand full of material so they tuck underneath the very first set.

Step 5
Wrap the wreath to reinforce it with floral wire, tucking the wire under the boxwood sprigs.

Step 6
Tuck wire under form; secure with a knot, and cut. Trim wreath as desired. I trimmed a lot to make it very square.

Step 7
Drill holes 1/8 inches from edge of Lucite discs. Thread the fishing line through the hole. Tie discs randomly to sprigs; tie knot to secure. Trim fishing line.

Thanks, Katherine!

(Images: Katherine Hammond)

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