How To Make a Simple Weather Chart

How To Make a Simple Weather Chart

Julia Cho
Feb 16, 2010

At some point, it became the first part of our morning routine. After a few snuggles with our 16 month old, we both go to the window and check the weather. So, we got to thinking about making a really simple weather chart...

What You Need

Cardboard or foam board. (We used foam board we had left over from another project)
Scrap paper for covering the board and the weather pictures.
One Clothespin
Scotch Tape
Possibly more cardboard or foam board for the individual pictures. (We had cardboard rectangles left over from a toy or something (we can't remember but we saved them because we knew they'd be useful one day!)


1. We cut a rectangular piece of foam board. Then we covered it in a light blue paper. You could use wrapping paper or anything you have laying around.

2. Next, we made a representation of four kinds of weather (keeping it really simple at this point): Sunny, Cloudy, Snow, and Rain. First we selected a background color and glued it on our cardboard rectangles. Then we cut out a sun, clouds, snowflake, and rain falling on a black umbrella.

If you're artistic, here's where you can get really creative. You can create a collage, or you can print out photos you've taken, or photos from the Internet. You could also use photos of your child in each kind of weather. (Something we plan on doing as we collect photos.) For now- we opted to make very simple cut-outs. As you can see, art is not our strong point. But in this case, simplicity works so it's OK.

3. Then we taped our individual weather symbols onto our foam board. If you want to make it more interactive, you can use velcro to stick them to the board and allow your child to pick out the card with the day's weather and place it somewhere else. Unless ours are laminated, we knew if we went that route, the cards would be destroyed in a matter of time.

4. Finally, make a small arrow out of paper. (something bright works well) Tape or glue it onto a clothespin. This is how you'll mark what the weather is each day. Our mini clothespin was a little too small for the foam board so use a regular sized clothespin.

5. If you wish, hang your weather board next to the window.

Additional Notes: We'd seen a lot of "weather wheels" and it's the same concept, but you can use a simple white paper plate and divide it into four segments. For some reason, we had it in our mind to make a weather rectangle instead.

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(Images: Julia Cho)

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