How To Make A Spray Paint Holder

How To Make A Spray Paint Holder

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 25, 2010
Around our house, spray paint is almost used as currency. If we're not using it for art projects, it's giving a lamp or piece of furniture a makeover. But once you have more than 1 or 2 cans, storing them all gets to be a pain. So what's a girl with a 12' entryway to do? Make a giant spray paint holder!

What You Need

1 Sheet of MDF (ripped vertically in half)
1 4"+ Hole Saw Drill Bit
2 - 2"x8" Lengths of Lumber (see notes below)
4 - 1"x2" (for inside)
Nails/Air Compressor/Hammer
Tape Measure


1. Help From The Hardware Store: Have your friendly hardware store associate rip your piece of MDF in half lengthwise for you. You'll need two, long, tall pieces and it's easier for them to do it than it is to set up your own saw, saw horses and flag down a friend to help out.

2. Measure: We measured out a large grid with pencil, marking off the center of each hole. We wanted 4 holes across and 68 tall. You may want less (normal people don't have the same amount we do), so adjust those numbers to your liking. This is easiest done with another person to help hold your ruler, tape measure or string to make a straight line.

3. Cut Sides: Our side boards don't go all the way to the top, you're don'd need to either. Depending on what length board you bought (find something on sale!!) you might need to trim it down, even if it's just a few inches so you have a few pieces left to make feet. If you have a garage (and you own your home) you can hang this bad boy on the wall and forgo the feet, but you'll need some serious anchors or cleats. *Note: Choose boards for your side that aren't too deep. You don't want your cans to fall into the holes once drilled. They need to hit the back of the backer board.

4. Cut Holes: Using your hole saw bit, start-a-drillin'. It won't take too long, but it's long enough your world might shake for a few minutes afterwards. Having a partner on hand to trade off every few rows is a nice bonus! *Note: Your holes should be large enough that a can of paint can slide into the hole and then angle down slightly. Paint should not be kept horizontal!

5. Add Backer Bars: Lay your backboard on the floor and set your 4, 1"x2"'s ontop. Rest your newly cut hole-front-board onto and line up the 1"x2"'s between so they line up with the holes. They should provide support for your cans when slid into the wood (if you need it, this step can be optional depending on how wide your side boards are). Remove top board and nail down.

6. Nail It Up!: Nail on your side boards and then your front board with holes. If you'd like run a bead of wood glue down each seam for some added strength (we did). Using short scrap pieces of wood, nail two boards perpendicular to the bottom for feet. Stand her up and you're all done!

Additional Notes
This contraption can be made in any size you wish. We didn't provide super exact measurements (if at all) to inspire you to make something that fits your own space. If you only need space to hold 9 cans? Then make something small! Need something to hold 200? Double it up and go big! It's an easy idea that once you've made the box and cut your holes, it's the perfect way to store something that can usually be a pain in the organizational neck!

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(Images: Sarah Rae Trover)

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