How To Make a Sunburst Porch Mirror

How To Make a Sunburst Porch Mirror

Sarah Dobbins
May 30, 2012

Using a few basic supplies from your local craft store (plus some odds and ends you may already have on hand!), here's how to make your own sunburst mirror to hang on your porch or patio. I spent under $10 and just a couple of hours to make this mirror out of a simple mirrored candle plate and some wooden dowels. Follow my exact template or make your own pattern!


• Round mirror; I used a 10" mirror meant for candles (look in the candle section of your local craft store!)
• 3/16" Hardwood 12" craft dowels - around 60 (or wooden skewers would work, too!). I bought these for $0.96 per pack.
• Super glue or epoxy and hot glue (I used gorilla glue.)
• Stain (and protective seal, if needed) — or go a different direction with some brightly colored paint!
• Hanging clips and wire
• Ruler
• Strong scissors or nippers

1. Superglue the hanging clips to the back of the mirror and let cure for a good couple of hours at least. If you're going to hang this mirror on a wall that's open to the elements, a waterproof superglue is your best bet!

2. While glue is curing, stain your dowels with an old rag. I just dipped my rag in stain and quickly swiped up and down each dowel — don't forget the ends! Again — if you are hanging this in an area that is open to watery weather, you may want to coat your sticks in a protective varnish. My mirror hangs on a covered porch, so I skipped the varnish — and it has seen lots of wet weather with no problems!

3. When dowels are dry, grab a ruler and begin making your cuts. I used a pair of nippers to just pinch mine off (don't worry about rough ends — they'll be hidden!)

You will need:

    • 6 - 12" sticks
    • 12 - 10" sticks
    • 24 - 8" sticks
    • 36 - 6" sticks
    • 18 - 4" sticks

*Note that your 4" sticks can all come from the other end of your 8" cuts, and you'll only have to cut 18 sticks in half to get your 36 6" sticks!

4. Make six notches around the edge of your mirror, equidistant from each other. These will be the lines where your 12" sticks will go, and you'll place all the other sticks in relation to these.

5. Glue your 12" sticks down with the ends approximately 1.5 inches from the edge of the mirror.

6. Begin gluing the rest of the sticks down, following the pattern above. Just snug them up next to each other, and don't worry too much about spacing — mine aren't perfect, but it's not a big deal! Tip: glue in six sections, going from your 12" main sticks outward; it'll help keep everything symmetrical!

Note: My sticks have stayed secure with hot glue only, but if you're worried about stability, you can always douse the back in superglue! You could also consider attaching a round piece of acrylic or plastic over the rough ends in the back for looks and longevity.

7. When everything is dry, secure your hanging wire around your hanging hardware, and you're all set!

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(Images: Sarah Dobbins)

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