How To Make a Tulip-Shaped Burlap Tree Skirt

How To Make a Tulip-Shaped Burlap Tree Skirt

Landis Carey
Dec 14, 2010

Shopped for a reasonably-priced, well-designed tree skirt lately? I have and was completely unsuccessful. I knew I didn't want a long flowing red and green tree skirt—our house has small dimensions and I prefer simply-designed holiday decor. Since I didn't find anything that satisfied my aesthetic preference or price requirements, I tried my hand at making my own tulip-shaped tree skirt.

What You Need

1 to 2 yards of burlap
Jute twine

Fabric scissors
Fabric measuring tape
Hand-sewing needle


1. Measure around the widest portion (the bottom part, most likely) of your tree stand, noting this measurement as your tree shirt's initial length. This may be tricky, but now measure from the floor (where the stand ends) to the tree's trunk, and note this as its initial width.

2. Add 8 to 12 inches to your tree skirt's initial length measurement and approximately 5 inches to its initial width measurement. These will be the final dimensions for your tree skirt.

3. Measure the burlap fabric and cut according to the final dimensions in step 2. Add 24 inches onto your tree skirt's final length and cut two pieces of twine to that measurement.

4. Thread the sewing needle with the twine. The twine might be thick for the needle, but do the best you can.

5. Hand-sew an elongated basting stitch along one of the long sides of the fabric: about every inch dip below the fabric for about 1/2 inch. Leave 12 inches of twine on each end. Repeat on the other side. Reference image above.

6. Once finished hand-sewing each side, secure the twine by double-knotting each loose end. Reference image above.

7. Pucker the fabric by holding the twine and sliding the fabric along the twine. Reference image above.

8. Wrap the tree skirt around the tree stand and fit the skirt around the tree trunk first. Do this by puckering the fabric and tying a bow. While you are doing this, let the fabric fall down the base of the tree stand. Reference image above.

9. Next, fit the fabric around the base, tie and pucker or tuck under. Make puckering and twine tension adjustments as you fit the skirt to your stand. Reference image above.

10. Tuck the ties inside the tree skirt and rotate the ties and seam around to the back of the tree. Sweep-up and smile. You're done! Enjoy! Reference image above.

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(Images: Landis Carey)

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