How to Make a Simple Waldorf Gnome

How to Make a Simple Waldorf Gnome

Alejandra Valera
Feb 18, 2010

The quintessential Waldorf basic is definitely the gnome. A Waldorf gnome is a great little companion for imaginative open-ended play, and this little guy is so easy to make. Your child will soon have an entire enchanted forest full of them -- or at least a pocket full.

What You Need

• Various colors of felt
• Thread
• Wool or cotton for stuffing
• Scissors
• Paper for cutting a pattern


1. Aside from being easy to make, we love how inexpensive this project is. To begin, select several squares of colorful felt and pic your color combinations. Your gnome can be made up of two different colors of felt, or just one.

2. Next, cut out a paper pattern for your gnome. This is where you can decide how large or small you want your home to be. Don't forget to cut out a "U" shape for the face...

3. A U-shape cut out will create a gnome with a widow's peak, while a higher cut like the one seen in the fourth image will create a gnome with a round face.

4. Next, using your pattern you can cut out the felt pieces for your gnome.

5. Make sure you cut both pieces the same size and shape.

6. Using a whip stitch, sew the two halves together. Make sure you stop sewing at the face so you don't sew it shut.

7. Once your little guy is sewn, stuff it using cotton or natural wool.

8. The stuffing should poke out slightly at the face to give the impression of a chubby little gnome face.

9. Easy enough for a child to make, fun enough to keep them entertained for hours.

Additional Notes:If your child is sewing the gnome, use a larger needle and embroidery thread to make it easier for them. My son is four and was able to sew the two green gnomes seen here, on his own.

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(Images: Alejandra Valera)

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