How To Make Architectural Blueprint Storage Boxes

How To Make Architectural Blueprint Storage Boxes

Trent Johnson
Jun 2, 2010

Apartment dwellers rarely have enough storage space which is why decorative storage boxes are so popular. But instead of purchasing expensive but oh-so-useful storage boxes, consider making your own from recycled cardboard boxes and old architectural blueprints, wrapping paper or extra fabric.

Samantha Baldwin of the NY Examiner made these great paired storage boxes using recycled cardboard boxes and some leftover blueprints she found discarded at work. Samantha advocates blueprint paper because it's big, sturdy and already has an interesting design on it. Here are the steps she used.

What You Need

  • Recycled cardboard boxes with lids
  • Double sided tape or spray adhesive
  • Regular single-sided Scotch Tape
  • One large blueprint for each box and half a large blueprint for each box lid. You might find blueprints in your design or maintenance departments at your workplace or friends in the design or construction business. Wrapping paper or scrap fabric would also work.


1. Find a Box: Take a relatively small and sturdy box that will accommodate what it is you want to store. Paper boxes work well.
2. Stencil the pattern onto the blueprint. Lay the blueprint out flat with the plain side up. Trace the bottom of your box. Flip onto its side and trace the side. Follow the remaining tracing directions on the Examiner Web page until you have a large plus sign of sorts with tabs.
3. Cut Out Your Design: Using the scissors, cut out the design. Use as a template to make additional box covers.
4. Apply the Cover to the Box: Place the box on the blue print with the print facing down. Fold up the short sides of the and adhere with double-sided tape or spray adhesive. Fold down the tabs and adhere with regular Scotch tape.
5. Create a Cover for the Box: Using the same method as creating the cover for the box, create a cover for the lid.

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(Images used with permission by Samantha Baldwin / NY Examiner)

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