How To Make Chocolate Dipped Twinkie Bon-Bons

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Get the look of a french patisserie bon-bon with the down home simplicity of well, a Twinkie. These adorable bon-bons are made with low-calorie Twinkie bites (they’re low-calorie if you only eat one package!), and are so simple and fun to make that you’ll be making them for any occasion that requires a special treat.

Inspired by chocolate-dipped Twinkies at our local candy shoppe, but overwhelmed at the calories in such a dessert, we scaled down to yummy chocolate-dipped Twinkie bon-bons using mini Twinkies. We think they’re a lot cuter than the desserts that inspired them.

Each Twinkie bite has approximately 34 calories before dipping, so these cuties will make a great low-cal special treat with built-in portion control, assuming you can limit yourself to just one!

This project is easy and fun, and a suitable activity to do with older kiddos. The bon-bons are a great party favor or dessert, or would be great for any occasion that calls for a cute treat.


  • 100 calorie Twinkie packs (3 bites per pack)

  • Candy melts

  • Colorful sprinkles

  • Chocolate chips

  • Food coloring paste, optional

  • Candy flavor oil (NOT extract), optional


  • Small bowls

  • Spoons

  • Mini cupcake wrappers, optional

  • Wax paper or foil

  • Gift box, optional

Do This:
Unwrap all packages of Twinkie bites and prepare your wax paper surface to create a landing spot for dipped bon-bons.

Microwave a half-cup to a cup of candy melts according to package directions. We put them in a small bowl and microwaved in 20 second bursts, stirring between each burst. Once melted, add gel food coloring and candy flavor oil, if desired. Don’t use extracts for flavoring or liquid food colorings because they won’t incorporate with the candy coating.

For best decorating results, two or more shades of candy coating is recommended. Melted chocolate chips work well for dipping, too, although they take longer to set (a refrigerator will help you along).

Dipping and decorating:
You can either dip half a Twinkie bite and leave it as is, or dip both sides individually. To double-dip, dip the top of the bite in the candy coating and set aside until the coating is firm, and then dip the rest and set aside until firm.

Decorate as desired with accent-color candy coating, candy sprinkles, etc. If you want to pipe lines, make a decorating bag by using a plastic zip-top bag with melted candy coating inside, snipping a very small bit off the corner to make a decorating tip.

When bon-bons are done, place each in a mini cupcake wrapper. We turned our printed wrappers inside out so the patterned part would show around the bon-bon. Use a small gift box to present several bon-bons to a lucky recipient.