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How To Make Coffee Bag Planter Pots

updated May 6, 2019
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If, like me, you love gardening but aren’t a huge fan of all the plastic pots that seem to multiply in corners and pop up wherever plants need transporting, then chances are you’ll love these DIY coffee bag planter pots as much as I do.

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Coffee bag pots are fantastic for so many reasons. They’re made from recycled material, biodegradable, weather resistant, lightweight, they’re flexible so plants have room to grow and best of all you can make them yourself in less than half an hour.

What You Need

Coffee Bags (also known as Hessian bags or burlap bags)

A sewing machine or needle and thread.


1. Cut the coffee bags in half lengthways. You could cut it into thirds to make smaller pots for seedlings.

2. Stitch the edge to create a sleeve.

3. Cut the sleeve in thirds or to create longer pots for plants with deeper roots cut a longer, customized length.

4. Stitch the base of the bag to create a sealed pouch.

5. Roll the top of the bag over to create a grip point. Fill the bag with soil and pot like you would a pot plant!

Additional Notes:
You can use the pots like you would any other pot, water them, move them, reuse them and if you wanted to you could even plant them. If you wanted to you could do a way with plastic pots all together.

(Re-edited from a post originally published on 7.15.2011 – CM)

(Images: Sarah Starkey)