How To Make Even the Tiniest Apartment More Workout-Friendly

How To Make Even the Tiniest Apartment More Workout-Friendly

Brittney Morgan
May 22, 2017
(Image credit: Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy)

You love the idea of working out at home, but you're worried you just don't have the space to make it happen. When you live in a small space, you have to find ways to adapt and make your space work with your life—and if exercise is a part of your routine, then that includes carving out a spot for fitness. (Fellow tiny apartment dweller here, and full disclosure: My workout spot is the space in between my coffee table and my fridge... but only whenever my roommates aren't home!).

Whether you're into cardio or you're all about strength training, there's a way to fit it in. It's all about making your furniture work and using the right equipment. To make working out at home—even in the tiniest of apartments—a reality, try these simple tips.

Make Your Furniture Mobile

It may not seem like you have the room to work out at home, but consider this: If you could easily slide your coffee table out of place and off to the side, would you have enough exercise room? If the answer is yes, try adding wheels to it so you can effortlessly move it out of the way when it's time for your workout. This guide to adding casters to your furniture can help—just make sure you use lockable wheels so you can keep your table from sliding around when you don't want it to.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

Your walls are for more than displaying art—they can actually come in surprisingly handy when it comes to working out. So, if you have a wall with a little bit of unused space around it (or, again, you can move some furniture to the side a bit) you can use that for your fitness routine—think about incorporating things like wall sits and squats. If you need help getting started, Shape has a great wall workout routine.

Use a Chair for Support

You can also take advantage of the furniture you do have by incorporating a chair into your routine—no fancy at-home gym equipment required! This is especially great if you love barre and similar workouts, since you can use your chair much like you would a ballet barre. For some moves to try, check out this chair workout from Cosmopolitan.

Try Resistance Bands

The ultimate in small space workout equipment? Resistance bands. They're inexpensive and take up minimal storage space—great for your tiny apartment! Plus, they can also be used in just about any part of your home—standing, sitting, you name it—and, along with that, they can effectively work just about any part of your body.

Let Your Home Tech Help

If you can use your TV, awesome! But if you're a fan of home workout videos and your workout space isn't in front of your TV, there might be a high-tech alternative that you can do from elsewhere. For example, Alexa has a number of exercise skills including some super helpful guided workout options, so if you've got an Amazon Echo, it can actually talk you through a class—like Pilates—at home, wherever you've got room.

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