How To: Make Hanging Wooden Walls With Grommets

How To: Make Hanging Wooden Walls With Grommets

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 10, 2009


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Project: Hanging Wall With Grommets
Time: 30 Minutes
Cost: $25

When moving into a space that is in need of division, you have several choices. Walls and dividers are some of the first thoughts, but what happens when you have floors that are less than level? Instead of framing in a wall on the floor, we chose to build one that attached to the ceiling rather than the floor and was free from any heavy duty construction. Click through to see the step by step pictures of how we did it all in a mere half hour!

Tools and Resources:

  • Hammer (we used a traditional hammer, although a rubber mallet is preferred)
  • 4 Medium Sized "S" Hooks
  • 2 Short Lengths of Chain
  • 2 Large Eye Screws
  • 6 - 3/4" Grommets and Tool (Check the hardware store or craft store)
  • 1 sheet thin plywood, cut in half horizontally.


    1. Measure for Holes: We measured in 6 inches and down 1 and then made a mark. You will need marks/holes on the top and bottom of 1 board and top only on the other (it will be the bottom board and won't attach to anything on the floor so the holes aren't needed).
    2. Drill: Use a drill bit that corresponds with the size of your grommets (we used 3/4" grommets, so we used the same size drill bit.). Tip: To help reduce splintering, you can put masking tape on the back side of your board where the hole will be drilled. It will keep things in place instead of splintering off! When you are done, simply peel it right off!
    3. Grommet: If you've never done any grommeting before, we promise it's not difficult, in fact it's rather cathartic. You can check out a fantastic Grommet Tutorial: from Shelly our resident How-To Expert to help you find your way.
    4. Attach Screws and Chains: We are lucky enough to have an exposed wooden beam ceiling makes things a little easier. If you have drywall, a stud finder will help to track down a solid place for your install to take place. If you don't have a stud available a toggle bolt (with the correct weight grade) should hold this project in the air. You can then change the lengths of your chains to suit your specific needs.
    5. Attach First Board: Using 2 "S" hooks attach the chains to your first board.
    6. Attach S Hooks: Attach remaining two "S" hooks
    7. Attach Second Board: Hang your second board and double check to make sure that everything is level. You can readjust your chains at the top if they are off slightly.
    8. Celebrate that you didn't do any damage to your rental!: When you leave your rental, your wall can simply move with you.

    Next on our diy-agenda is deciding how the wood panels will be decorated. We could stain or seal them, paint them, cover them in fabric, attach vinyl stickers, frame artwork on it...the possibilities are endless!

    This arrangement works perfectly for us as we live in an open loft floor plan without any closets or doors to hide things behind. We installed 2 sets of gorilla shelving to store all of the things we still need (lawn chairs for cookouts, important files and sentimental things like yearbooks and family photos). It's worked for us perfectly and we chose to put it right inside the door, leaving the rest of the floor plan open for living! Next up is some fabric panels on tracks to close off the area entirely!

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