How to Make Your Own Floating Waterproof Speakers

How to Make Your Own Floating Waterproof Speakers

Range Govindan
Aug 10, 2009

It's always fun to have some music while you are having some fun in your pool. Sure, there are some great solutions for this problem, but they tend to be on the expensive side. Which is why we thought that it would be a great idea to come up with a way to make your own floating speakers to use in your swimming pool. Don't let the red color turn you off, you can make them into any plastic container that you like.

We know that you love listening to music as much as we do. In fact, it's hard for us to put our iPods down. One thing that doesn't mix with iPods is water. Sure you can buy some fancy solutions to that problem, like waterproof cases and earphones, but what about when you want to enjoy music with your friends? As we mentioned before, the red color of this assembly was made by choice by the builder. You can choose different colors for your own design. You can use any plastic container with a wide lid. You'll need some basic tools, some speakers that you don't getting wet if your project fails, and an old MP3 player to put inside the whole thing. We suggest using a cheap one just to make sure.

This idea came from Avflyer172. He wanted a cheap solution for his camping trips for playing music on a river. He also needed to be able to switch MP3 players easily. First you need to cut the speaker grill into the plastic container. He then proceeded to use a glue gun. He used it to glue the speaker into the grill with a thin layer of plastic between the cone and the grill. He used strong plastic from a trash bag. You have to stretch the plastic as taught as possible while the glue is cooling. This enables good sound transmission. The excess plastic is trimmed away after the glue has cooled. It will prevent any buzzing or rattling. Then you need to thread the speakers through the holes from the inside. He used some more plastic to seal the two sound ports on each side of the grill. The next step is to mount the speaker. Avflyer added an amp so that the rived wouldn't drown out the sound of the speaker. He used a small amp that's powered by batteries. It's a good idea to use something like this if the speakers you are using don't sound that powerful.

Once the MP3 player is strapped in, it's ready to go. We suggest field testing your speaker to make sure that it's waterproof or water resistant. You wouldn't want the whole thing shorting out. Anyway, it's a great way to make a cheap waterproof speaker that will work well in a variety of situations. We suggest using old speakers from your computer. Most people have a few of these lying around. Check out his full guide over at Instructables and the video of him testing the speaker in his pool.

[Instructables via Lifehacker, photos by Avflyer172]

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